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Silly Lilly

Awful Waffle Cone 😸🍦💖

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Rihanna for Tush Magazine #7

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It’s so cold out tonight. The autumn weather didn’t waste anytime getting here 🍁🍂🌙☕️

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My depression is getting so much worse so rapidly this past month. My antidepressants aren’t doing anything and I’ve tried to reach out to my friends talk to them about it and get more socially active but that’s all I can do I can’t make anyone actually hangout or come around and help me get out of this dark place I’m in. I really don’t know what else to do, I don’t wanna be a drama queen and say that nobody cares or nobody loves me and I know that my family loves me but In my family there’s so many issues going on and it’s hard to even focus on one thing right now. But when you’ve reached out to everyone who has said that they are your friend and that they would always be there and that they would always help you and you tell them what’s going on and you’ve expressed to them how it’s all made you feel and they haven’t done anything different they just keep leaving you out and ignoring you and feeding you false hope and saying they are too busy right now but they never get back to you later anyways, what else can you think and feel but unimportant and forgotten. I’ve gone through so much the past 5 years & some of the most damaging times and biggest heartache this past year or so and I’m so tired and I don’t know what else to do I really don’t and I’m so over & done with waking up every day just to relive it all again.

The drag queens are the faces of a limited series of concert tees. Starting Sept. 29, Alaska, Courtney Act, and Willam Belli will appear on a line of ‘80s-inspired concert T-shirts for American Apparel. 

need Alaska’s & maybe willam 

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Kiesza - No Enemiesz

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This is the best interview she’s done in a long time, so outgoing and fun not being all shy anymore etc. I couldn’t be happier! this past year or so has been such a positive change for her… people counted her out but if you are a fan and have kept up with her every year she gets back to her old self more and more, i mean after all she went through it takes time to heal and be sure of yourself again and this past year has been the big positive change! Watch almost any interview from 09 - 14 and youll see what im talking about slowly but surely she has gotten back to the strong out spoken britney we all loved during the 2004-2005 days 

Im just so excited for all thats to come! She looks damn good, she’s acting like her old happy go lucky outgoing self again, she’s working harder etc. it’s all coming back <333333 


i’m the one who had to learn to build a heart made of armor

You are not deserving, you are not deserving

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